Today it is right one month since Facebook has blocked my account because does not like my name – Jo Jo Jo – and now wants to see my state issued ID to confirm it. No jokes!

Besides the fact I would never send to any application or company my personal data via internet services*, they imho do not have any right to claim it for the sake to provide you access to your account which has been established almost 8 years ago and during that time no problems nobody had had – never claimed it before.

This is it, I cannot go further, ID or nothing.


I have (had) around 800 friends on FB, absolute majority of them I know personally, met them all around the world and I have been in touch with them very via FB. Basically, I have never approved anybody who I do not know. Thus my account simply could not be considered as a fake. Moreover, nick names are not unusual, but conversely pretty common on Facebook. Therefore to claim an ID not from all, but just from some of its users can be understood as a discrimination: Why should I need an ID and tens of my friends not?! Moreover, nobody informed me in advance that this situation can happen. FB has never told me „we will need your personal data to maintain your account“. If so, I would have never join… On the contrary I have used FB for years and used it even for pretty sensitive / personal communication, which I have lost suddenly, as well as other personal data like photos or particular contacts. FB did not give me any chance to save it before it blocked the account.

Otherwise, after a month without FB I must say „yeah! I have more free time!”, I do not check the „wall“ all the time and do not wasting time with reading never ending trolling and other nonsense. Actually in fact, FB does not have much to offer, it is just wasting of time though. Mainly because you cannot even filter the content, you can just consume whatever FB has chosen for you. In other words, it is a voluntary consumption of a spam.

Thus far, paradoxically, I would like to really thank to FB that it has blocked my account finally, opened my eyes and liberated me from itself as well as it showed how Big Brother may look like: What the hell does FB do with all of the IDs, passports and other documents with sensitive personal data? How does FB storage it? Who has got an access to it? Under what law they are responsible? These questions and more are coming to my mind because of lack of its transparency…

On the other hand, to be fair, I also should thank to FB for its services which I really appreciated – those which are linked to people‘ networking and organization and at least not last, to thank to FB for its innovation in the field of social media. But everything has got its own end. And the end has already come. The king is dead, long live the king! Good bye Facebook! Hello Twitter & Tumblr!


* exeptions are only bank transfers